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Getting to know me

Discover the essence of what I do and the distinct value I can bring to the table in just 1 minute by watching my Demo Reel. Send me your feedback using the form below if you wish to!

On the set of a commercial shoot

On the set of a commercial shoot

Always learning and growing, I'm currently exploring AI tools in the artistic field while staying rooted in traditional practices. The fusion of modern techniques with classic methods enriches my work, creating a balance that truly enhances creativity. Some could say the future will be uncertain, but also exciting! I am ready for new challenges.

Speaking in front of public

Where it all began

From my first camera at 12, I knew I'd found my calling. Filmmaking and photography began as a way to share stories derived from my love for drawing. Even though I first wanted to be a psychologist, cinema's pull was undeniable.

This blend of psychology and cinematic storytelling adds depth to my visuals, with a special sense for rhythm that becomes especially noticeable in projects with a lot of dynamism, like commercials and music videos.

Get in Touch

If you share a passion for visual storytelling, creativity, or simply want to explore potential collaborations, I'd love to connect with you!

Carlos de Cozar

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