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Handpicked films from my repertoire

More than 40 directed projects, including: short films, music videos, documentaries and presentations. Each one is unique and captivating. Take a look at this selection and be inspired!

The Gift of Hope - TMB

Music video | 4 min


Director | Co-Prod | Editor | DP | Cam

Xmas music video for TMB (Metropolitan Transports of Barcelona) about children with rare diseases. I used a variety of camera techniques and special effects to create a touching tribute for the kids and families dealing with these rare conditions. Directed in collaboration with Tot Rodat Productions.

Blue Tears (Lágrimas Azules)

Short film | 14 min


Director | Producer | Co-Wr | Editor | DP | Cam

My short film about the freedom of speech is a quest into the power of communication and the importance of standing up for what one believes in. It follows the story of a young journalist who is determined to make his voice heard, despite the challenges he faces. Watch the trailer here.


Presentation video | 3 min


Director | Editor | DP | Cam

An energetic presentation video to show the improvements of an ice hockey blade accessory. I used the video to highlight the features and benefits of the accessory, providing an informative and entertaining way to demonstrate the product. Filmed in Hartwall Areena, Helsinki.

A World Without Insurance

Documentary | 20 min


Editor | DP | Cam

Two documentaries that explore the idea of a future with and without insurances. In each documentary, I was responsible for the editing and cinematography. I'm proud to have been a part of this important project, and I look forward to creating more meaningful documentaries in the future.

Point of No Return

Short film | 20 min

Cortometraje Punto de no retorno, sobre bullying (acoso escolar). Dirigido por Carlos de Cozar

Director | Producer | Editor

I created a short film about bullying, based on true events. The film has reached more than 300.000 plays on Youtube and has been used as a teaching product in schools. I hope that this work will help people understand more about the consequences of bullying and how to create a safe learning environment for all.

Victor's Therapy (La Terapia de Víctor)

Short film | 18 min


Director | Co-Prod | Co-Wr | Editor

Seven individuals gather for a meeting organized by a mysterious man who owns "Nemesis," a machine offering a painless and quick death. However, only one of them will be able to use it. As each takes their turn, they try to convince the others to choose them for the privilege of death. Now with english subtitles.

Viherisku Helsinkiin - Biolan

Presentation video | 2 min


Director | Editor | Cam

A fresh and dynamic video about a hooded enviromental activists who plants seeds in all the urban areas of Helsinki. The work was put together in a creative and professional manner, engaging viewers and inspiring them to take action. I filmed and edited the project when I was working at Mozo Oy.

Recuerda - 15 Anniversary

Short film | 13 min

Cortometraje Recuerda - 15 Aniversario (2008-2023) remasterizado, protagonizado por Vicky Luengo y dirigido por Carlos de Cozar

Director | Producer | Editor | DP | Cam

I recently remastered my first short film, filmed in 2008, about a girl who has lost her path in life. It follows her journey as she struggles to rediscover her identity and find a way to move forward. Featuring Vicky Luengo, the original film reached 300.000+ views on Youtube and also served as educational material in schools.

Inauguration of a Cultural Centre

Presentation video | 4 min

Inauguració del Casal de Cultura de Collbató

Director | Editor | Cam

I was hired by the town hall of Collbató (area of Barcelona) to film the opening party of its new Cultural Centre. I created a celebratory memory that perfectly captured the atmosphere of the event. A video that expressed the vibrant energy of the event and allowed viewers to experience it even if they weren't present.

Kolmen sepän terassi

Presentation video | 2 min

Presentation video

Director | Editor | Cam

Presentation video for a pop-up summer terrace located in an iconic spot of Helsinki: Stockmann Helsingin keskusta. I provided insights into the making of the terrace, allowing clients to gain a better understanding of the project. I filmed and edited it when I was working at Mozo Oy.

More videos?

Meet Carlos de Cozar

Presentation video | 3 min

Presentation video


Music video | 4 min

Videoclip Sergio, del cortometraje sobre bullying Punto de no retorno

PSC Collbató 2011

Campaign video | 4 min

Campaign video


Presentation video | 2 min

Presentation video

Searching - Ong Namo

Music video | 4 min

Searching Ong-Namo music video. Directed by Carlos de Cozar


Book launch | 5 min

Book launch video

Walking with You

Music video | 4 min

Videoclip Andar Contigo de Pep Lladó. Dirigido por Carlos de Cozar

The Art of Cocktails

Commercial | 25 sec

Anuncio para cines

Forbidden Version

10 shorts | 1-2 min each

10 shorts for
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